Strategic Integrated Work Plan for Healthcare Performance Improvement

The Strategic Integrated Work Plan from Compass Clinical Consulting is a comprehensive, structured approach to performance improvement in healthcare.

When it comes to performance improvement, healthcare organizations often suffer from initiative fatigue – too many initiatives that are not integrated into asystematic approach to operations and clinical performance improvement.这种疲劳可以影响一个组织的能力to prioritize projects, streamline processes, and achieve efficiencies toward better quality results and cost savings.

Improve the Bottom Line while Achieving Clinical and Operational Excellence

We achieve this goal through ourStrategic Integrated Work Plan (SIWP),developed in close collaboration with you – the client. You know what you need to do and where you can improve—the SIWP provides a rational framework for organizing, prioritizing, and communicating these project plans to gain accountability and achieve maximum results.

The culmination of the SIWPprocess is a dynamic operating system that enables reliable cost reduction, and an actualized client team ready to sustain gains and apply this methodology to new projects moving forward.


SIWPengagements already initiated or completed have generated annualized savings ranging from $17M to $60M in cost reduction on an individual basis for hospital clients from 400 to 900 beds.

The Strategic Integrated Work Plan (SIWP)

The SIWP employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate an organization’s structure, processes, and outcomes. With this approach in mind, we begin asking questions such as,“Do we have the right structure and alignment to support the client’s mission, vision, and values, as well as the short- and long-term goals?”

We then examine the organization’s processes using quality and customer metrics to determine the process capability and capacity to deliver the needed financial and clinical goals.

How it Works

The SIWP is an inclusive plan, bringing together all current and future organizational initiatives, as well as the projects identified during the diagnostics phase and prioritizing them based on the timing of desired clinical and financial outcomes.

For each project, the SIWP project manager establishes a detailed plan and identifies the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Front Line Drivers (FLDs) that drive the project’s success. Each project is assigned an owner and a sponsor from the C-suite, and baseline data are determined to track progress toward operational and clinical performance improvement goals.

With initiatives identified by organization leadership and powered by your own people, the SIWP drives efficiency, revenue enhancement, and cost savings, as well as key quality results. Because improving the bottom line doesn’t have to come at the expense of safe care.

The SIWP includesfour phases, from identifying and quantifying opportunities in key clinical and operational areas through training and enabling the organization to sustain improvements:

Phase 1: Perform Operational and Clinical Diagnostics

Compass works with you, the client, to perform a deep dive into all areas of clinical, operational, and patient outcomes, and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

Phase 2: Enable Organization Leaders

指南针培训经理和董事成为勒an Six Sigma Change Leaders and enable them to lead the transformation of the culture and sustainability of implemented changes.

If an organization has successfully deployed the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, we will reinforce the learning and strengthen any gaps to ensure a common foundation and language for culture change.

Phase 3: Transform the Organization’s Culture and Change Readiness

Change Leaders are assigned projects from the project plan. Compass performance improvement (PI) consultants provide project coaching and cultural and change readiness assessments.

Phase 4: Sustain the Plan

Key organization personnelareequipped to sustain the project. Through this transfer of knowledge and ownership, we ensure that accountability and culture changetakeplace and hold the gains, with frequent visits from PI consultants to check on progress for the duration of the plan.

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