Kate Fenner, PhD, RN has been published in贝克尔的总结al Reviewin our eight-part series on accreditation options for healthcare organizations. The article,“Accreditation Options Update: Going Bare — The State Option as an Alternative to Accreditation”investigates the rarely used option to use state-based review for Medicare/Medicaid approval of the Conditions of Participation.

State Designated Agencies
Each state has a designated agency, usually the state department of health, contracted with CMS for supervision and evaluation of all participating hospitals. Most hospitals encounter a state survey following a complaint, but CMS also requires that states conduct a validation (follow-up to accrediting agency survey to assure comprehensiveness) of 5% of accreditation surveys. Less well known is the option of obtaining the state department of health certification for initial and continuing approval for Medicare and Medicaid participation, rather than an accreditation organization. There is no requirement that any facility obtain accreditation, so the state agency’s approval for Medicare and Medicaid participation is sufficient for CMS participation.

Choosing the state option has advantages and possible disadvantages that leadership should consider in the decision-making process.

Read the full article on Becker’s Hospital Reviewto receive a more thorough explanation of advantages and disadvantages of the state option.

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