Clinical and Operations Performance Improvement and Redesign

Compass Clinical Consulting helps hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers improve operations by redesigning how clinical work is performed. We concentrate on improvements that move patients smoothly through the organizations and ensure that patients get the right care safely. Along the way, our collaboration with organization leaders makes our client hospitals and health systems less stressful and more satisfying places to work … capable of delivering safer and better care for patients – less expensively.

Performance Improvement Services

Consulting, education, project management, and interim leadership designed to help our client organizations achieve results and sustain progress toward their goals through streamlined, efficient processes.Learn more.

Strategic Integrated Work Plan

The backbone of our performance improvement process, the Strategic Integrated Work Plan employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate an organization’s structure, processes, and outcomes. With initiatives identified by organization leadership and powered by your own people, the SIWP drives efficiency, revenue enhancement, and cost savings, as well as key quality results.Learn more.

Clinical Consulting for Safe, Quality Patient Care

Emergency Department Consulting

Experienced Compass consultants possess the clinical expertise and management knowledge to assess your Emergency Department, observe its processes and flow, and immediately begin to identify challenges and implement solutions. Our detailed project plans and weekly progress reports keep clients and consultants up-to-date and focused on the project, ensuring that goals are achieved quickly and with buy-in from everyone involved.Learn more.

Safer Behavioral Health in the ED

Compass helps organizations establish a higher level of comfort in providing psychiatric care in the ED from evaluation to making the most appropriate, effective treatment recommendations in a limited-resource environment, as well as environmental safety remedies that are appropriate to the resources and risks of each ED.Learn more.

Surgical Services Consulting

Surgical Services are of strategic importance to nearly every hospital. Because this area is a significant profit center and source of physician satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), smooth operating room (OR) operations can mean the difference between a positive and a negative bottom line. Many hospitals, however, do not have smoothly operating ORs that are also efficient. OR problems can have many causes, and solutions have to be designed to fit the situation. Because of this, Compass Clinical Consulting offers a range of services to help define the issues, identify the sources of dysfunction, and develop and implement a plan for correcting the problems.Learn more.

Sterilization & High-Level Disinfection Assessments and Consulting

Often, inpatient areas outside the main OR and SPD, clinics, and other outpatient areas process items using steam sterilization or high-level disinfection that may not meet industry standards, patients at risk for infection and the organization at risk for citations by accreditation and regulatory agencies for noncompliance with infection control standards. Compass provides simple solutions to achieve a safe, compliant sterilization and high-level disinfection program.Learn more.

Patient Safety Assessment

Are you confident that your organization truly has a culture of safety? Our Patient Safety Assessment analyzes your current patient safety practices and processes to determine how effectively they prevent human errors and detect and correct system vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can lead to events of harm and adverse outcomes.Learn more.

Consulting and Program Development for Safe, Harassment-free Work Environments

指控和性骚扰的发生率d the creation of a hostile work environment have captured the attention of the national press. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are not exempt from this concern. Compass has a team of consultants equipped to address concerns of harassment and hostile work environment from multiple angles, including clinical, leadership, and human resources.Learn more.

Service Line Design and Redesign

An integrated patient-focused care experience that optimizes performance using service line management techniques.

Nursing Departments

Improve the efficiency and consistency of patient care units.

Executive Leadership

Preparing hospital leaders to manage cultural transformation.

The Compass Difference

When you hire Compass to work with you, we bring a small team of consultants in to learn about your organization. We don’t invade your hospital – we become part of it. By keeping our team small, your people will get to know us and trust us and will see us as part of your team. We believe transparency is a critical success factor for any project, so you will always know about project progress and obstacles in real time.

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